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Cerimonial Kris
Dagger: 20th Century; Blade 18th Century


Steel, gold, silver, rubies, diamond, ivory.

Full Length: 67, 5 cm; Blade Length: 43, 5 cm

This notable ceremonial Kris reveals in all the applied techniques the virtuosity of the crafters.

It has a blade with a double edge in watered steel with a pamor, pattern, with inlayed gold threads and an extremely rare floral engraving with 11 luk, or waves. Its manufacture is attributed to the 18th century.

The hulu, hilt, later applied in the 20th century, represents the monkey-god Hanuman and is incrusted with rubies, one diamond and other gems cut in cabochon.

The pendok, scabbard, structurally made of silver, has a chiselled decoration in vegetal motifs interrupted by the application of three ivory plaques which are distributed throughout the central body and the buntut or tip. These are sculpted in high-relief with scenes from the Hindu epic Ramayana.

The ensemble is enriched with the incrusting of gems.

The wrangka, ship, of the scabbard with a Bali style format, is also made of Ivory and presents a similar kind of work. All the interpretation of its content is a part of one of the thematic text entries in this edition.

In Istanbul’s Military Museum there is a similar example, although of inferior quality, an offering from the Indonesian president to his Turkish counterpart.

Bibl.: Cameron Stone, 1999, p. 382-394

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