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DHAL, Shield
18th Century

India, probably Mysore


diam.: 42 cm

This Dhal is in copper, in a vaulted circular shape, and displays a notable work of high relief chiselling, a decoration arranged from a central medallion where a noble couple is portrayed, sitting front to front.
[dcs_p]Around them, four figures of high dignitaries are visible, carrying hunting weapons, in a very detailed engraving. These four characters are framed by cartouches which alternate with four tiger heads, chiselled in high relief, in the middle of a thick flower background. The rim is decorated by a palm freeze.[/dcs_p]
The reverse displays four rings faceted in brass, corresponding to the fixing chains of the handle.

This sort of work is characteristic of Mysore, and particularly of the time of the Sultan Fateh Ali Tipu, also know as the Tiger of Mysore, which ruled the Mysore Sultanate from 1782 to 1799, having been killed while defending his capital, Srirangapttana.

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