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18th/ 19th Century

Persia (Iran)

Steel, gold, silver

Height: 65 cm. Width: 18 cm

From the Qajar dinasty, of great quality in beaten steel in a one piece cup, topped by a pyramid section spike with a nasal protection, two feather bearers, two horns and two ears, symbolizing a deer, with a open ring chainmail.

This helmet is decorated in the Persian fashion, with a beautiful chisel work representing human and animal figures in country scenes, and in the frontal area there is a representation of eyes and a moustache and a Persian script strip all around the helmet's base.

All the drawings are enhanced by inlays in gold and silver. The screw which would keep the nasal protection in place is missing.

Bibl.: CZERNY'S THE SPRING SALE of FINE ANTIQUE ARMS & ARMOUR RUSSIAN ORDERS and MILITARIA APRIL 2nd & 3rd , 2011 Teatro Impavidi in Sarzana, Italy

Persian Archery and Swordsmanship: Historical Martial Arts of Iran

(ISBN-13 978-3-00-039054-8)

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