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KABUTO, Helmet
19th Century

Japan - Late Edo period

Iron, leather, brass

Height: 27 cm

High quality head protection, made through the placing of metallic strips and nails as a Hoshikabuto. Large Tehen-Kanamono of five rings. Beautifully shaped Kuwagatadai with the Kugenukimon of the Hori clan. Three ring Fukigaeshi with identical Mon. The Mabezashi and crown protection in black leather are decorated with cloud-shaped Kanamonos.

Bibl.:George Cameron Stone - A Gloss. Of the Const. And Use of the Arms and Armour ISBN 0-486-40726-8 (pbk) Pag.nš301,302 fig.nš383 (1/2)

Published in the catalogue of auction nš 61, Pag.nš298 fig.nš3081 (HERMANN HISTORICA 2011/05/03)

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