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19th century

Japan - Late Edo period

Iron, lacquer, tin, silk

Height: 34 cm. Diam.: 25 x 21 cm.

Helmet bowl made of 62 flat suji plates with russet iron surface. On the inside the inscription "Kash Ju Mune Iye". Modern four-stepped tehen kanamono and agemaki-no-kan. The mabezashi (visor) also a later replacement, copper fukurin. Five-lame hineno shikoro of kizuke kozane, black lacquered with cornflower blue kebiki binding. Both fukigaeshi of later date with the metal mon of the Ando clan (depicting Mount Fuji). Red silk ukebari (helmet lining) with helmet cord made of hemp.

Bibl.:George Cameron Stone A Gloss. Of the Const. And Use of the Arms and Armour ISBN 0-486-40726-8 (pbk) Pag.nš301,302 fig.nš383 (1/2)

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