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10th / 12th Century



Lenght: 14.5 cm

Bronze stirrups with rectangular foot rest. The sides are pierced with holes and the arching straps have dragon-head terminals. The strap loops have birds on either side.

These stirrups are almost identical to an example previously held in the Sarre Collection and perfectly identical to the ones held in the N.D. Khalili collection, and must have been made by the same craftsman.

This stirrups were probably produced in the Afeghanistan in the Ghaznavid period (The Ghaznavids - Persian - were a Persianate Muslim dynasty of Turkic slave origin which existed from 975 to 1187 and ruled much of Persia, Transoxania, and the northern parts of the Indian subcontinent. The Ghaznavid state was centered in Ghazni, a city in modern-day Afghanistan. Due to the political and cultural influence of their predecessors - that of the Persian Samanid Empire - the originally Turkic Ghaznavids had become thoroughly Persianized).

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