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ca. 1676 - 1725

India/ Afghanistan

Steel, gold

Full length: 97 cm ; Blade length: 83 cm

The Pulouar is an Afghan sword, also used in India, and is a variant of the Tulwar. It always displays a short guard, curved in the direction of the blade, and a hemispheric pommel without a counter guard. This piece displays a blade in watered steel, curved and with a slight wave in its double edge. Engraved and inlayed with gold, it displays a cartouche near the hilt, with the following inscription: Akbar Sha al-Sultan Mirza

The hilt, also in steel, displays a spherical pommel completely covered in an engraved web motif, and geometrical patterns.

The hand guard features a delicate swan head on the pommel, also engraved, having, at the middle, an inscription with the Ali, followed by the sentence nasr min Allah wa il-fath qrabi.

Bibl.: Christie´s, Art of the Islamic and Indian Worlds (auction catalogue), London, October 10, 2006; Cameron Stone, 1999, p. 517, fig. 661

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