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As this event is only months away, further updates will be forthcoming -- stay tuned! (And don't hesitate to send questions to Jeff at jeff@forteswordplay.com.)
  • 09-19-2013 to 09-22-2013 06:00 AM to 04:00 PM

    Baltimore Japanese Swords & Cultural Arts Show


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    Met with Bill Green last night and I agreed to post this on some of the forums I participate in. Bill is the gent who puts on the Tampa sword appreciation show and is trying to set up the same kind of event at the Timonium (Baltimore) Fairgrounds September 19-22, 2013. so for those a bit too far away from Tampa or the West Coast shows... this should be a good event to attend.

    Here is the link to his Website and more information. http://www.southeastshowsauctions.co...more-2013.html
  • 09-19-2013 to 09-22-2013 06:00 AM to 04:00 PM

    Wmaw 2013


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    Yes, it is an odd number year, and that means the return of the Western Martial Arts Workshop.

    On September 19 - 22, 2013, approximately 200 sword-swinging, knife-throwing, wrasslin' and armour-wearing lovers of the Western Martial Arts will again invade the quiet, halcyon DeKoeven Center in Racine, Wisconsin, for what is shaping up to be our most diverse, and full, event program yet!
    The first of the large, international gatherings, WMAW has consistently tried to present an innovative program that promotes the entire breadth and depth of what we mean by "historical European martial artws"; from medieval martial arts to Victorian antagonistics, students will have a chance to either sample the entire scope of what we mean by "WMA", or dive deeply into any number of topics.

    We are in the process of putting together the final instructor and class roster, so right now there isn't much to see at www.wmaw.us. Meanwhile, here is a hint of some of what will be exciting, new or different this year:

    • Four full days of training at a private retreat center, including hot breakfasts and lunches and on-site dinner options.
    • We've grown! DeKoeven has expanded and renovated one its halls, so we have been able to increase our attendance size. However, rather than just make class sizes larger, we are using the new space to allow us to provide a more complete set of class and lecture tracks!
    • Our largest roster of overseas instructors, ever!
    • More coached and open fencing.
    • Coached wrestling and "Ringen randori" - a look at medieval wrestling adapted for free play.
    • A weekend long, open-list challenge tournament (stay tuned for details).
    • An invitational armoured deed of arms.
    • Our ever-popular Saturday night feast including a Wisconsin style pig roast, exhibition bouts and entertainment.

    Registration will open in March.

    Please take note of the dates: September 19 - 22, 2013, and sign up for updates, because registration, especially for on-site housing, tends to fill *fast*. How fast? Well, last time all on-line housing was claimed in 24 hours, and the event sold out in a matter of weeks. In fact, before we could even announce that registration was open, someone noticed and posted on Facebook! So keep an eye open and if you are planning to attend start making your plans now.

    Looking forward to seeing old faces and making new friends!

    Greg, Nicole, John, Jacques and Christina
    Planning Committee - Western Martial Arts Workshop 2013