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Thread: Does anyone know Brandon Swords?

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    Wink Does anyone know Brandon Swords?

    I'm new here and this is my first post.
    Hi everybody, glad to be here.I'm an experienced iaijitsu (Katori shinto Ryo) and kenjitsu practitioner but new concerning chinese Katana. This is a great source of info...thanks to all.

    I found this site and wondered if anyone here knows these swords and their quality.

    Carlos Nunes

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    I have never seen them before but they look interesting. I love the look of some of their chinese swords. I will reserve judgement however until someone of far more experience with them posts here. Thaks for the link though!!!! Wonder if I could get a bare blade from them?
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    Hmm, i'm sure they are a branch of rayn's swords,

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    Though you may recognise the fittings as standard chinese fittings the quality of the steel is pretty ok. They have a better quality check than ryan sword of which some horror stories float on the web. Based out of Longquan China. The province is actually known as the birthplace of the Chinese sword.

    I actually used some of their swords for cutting tatami and yellow (dried) bamboo. The blade held up pretty fine. Still it's a chinese manufacturer with not too much knowledge about true Japanese swords (like most). Customer service is excellent though and they're open to customizations.

    A little sum up
    - non crossed bad quality ito without hishigami
    - good steel (decent hardened steel)
    - ask if the blade features real same, some models have plastic ray skin
    - full size nakago (full-tang)
    - production tsuka (haven't seen cracks though)
    - may encounter epoxied kashira
    - May encounter ticking fuchi & tsuba (caused by production tsuka + fittings)
    - Some fittings are too large for tsuka
    - no taper in tsuka
    - balance is not really suitable for training because of thick gasane
    - blades are always made 2.3 / 2.35 shaku (around 71cm nagasa)
    - counter polished kissaki

    That said I don't think of them as wall hangers. A bit masahiro-ish.
    Make sure you talk to Jacky though. Speaks decent English and knows more about swords than some of the others.

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    I have a complete custom from BrandonSword, and I am stunned. They do some truly great work when they put their mind to it, and when you have some specific specs for them. The customer service is great too. I have not encountered any of the problems identified by Jeffrey Ching, but I can't speak on their production pieces.
    "Waiting is very much a sacred sword tradition."
    -Marc Ridgeway

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    Hello. I ordered from BrandonSword black coated real hamon folded steel katana. It's high carbon steel, tip is not polished and sharpened as good as the rest of the blade. They gave me opportunity to customize color patterns, engraving the blade and choose from fittings and different sayas - I liked that.
    Fuchi & tsuba is not "ticking" at all. I suppose that whole tsuka is "assembled by force". I didn't figured out, how it can be disassembled. I removed 2 bamboo pegs but the tsuka is probably glued to blade or pressed with brutal force.
    Rayskin on tsuka is not real, it's plastic. I wrote, that I want real one and they didn't tell me, that plastic will be used. A bit embarrassing on katana priced $200.
    Finally, the blade is torqued by 10 degrees. I tried to repair it, but the steel is very hard and I don't want to break the sword or chip the edge. I suppose I'd be able to repair it much better if I can remove tsuka, but I cant. So my $200 investment seems not to be the best one.

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    Hello, update to my Brandon sword katana. I have visited my local tameshigiri specialist, torsion of sword was repaired. I was told, that folded steel with real hamon can end up with torsion and that it is normal and can be repaired easily. Quality of the steel is OK, polishing is definitely made on machine. Katana performance is good comparing to the price, it is a little heavy on the tip but usable. I was recommended to inspect tsuka regularly for cracks.

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    Torsion being removed....
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