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Thread: FOR SALE - US Civil War Swords

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    Exclamation FOR SALE - US Civil War Swords

    Hi folks, I am slowly starting to sell my US Civil War collection of swords etc. etc. etc


    This is a list of most of my swords. Please send your email address to and I will send you detailed photos of any which may catch your fancy. All swords are in good-very good condition: there is no junk and all are original to the period - no repros.

    Prices may be negotiable!

    Horstmann's Phila [B]US Model 1840 Dragoon with scabbard...1862?....$895

    NP Ames US Model 1833 Dragoon – no scabbard 1837.........$999

    Schuyler Hartley & Graham-Clauberg US Model 1850 Staff & Field officer's sword, with leather scabbard - Clauberg c1862.....$1850

    Horstmann, Phila-Weyersberg US Model 1850 Foot Officer's sword, with leather scabbard, "king's head" touchmark......c1862......$1595

    Solingen Non-regulation US Foot Officer's sword (steel eagle guard) with scabbard - Peterson 75 c1862

    German Non-regulation US Cavalry Officer's sword, no scabbard, etched blade with "US" and "E Pluribus Unum" (worn but very visible), 3 bar guard – similar British Pat 1821 but different larger guard c1862....$525

    Emerson & Silver, Trenton, NJ US Model 1860 Light Cavalry saber with scabbard - rich mustard uncleaned patina, all signs of actual use in the field, worn carry rings, bent down thumb guard, scabbard slightly bent fron saddle carry under leg 1864....$785

    "TIFFANY" and Robert Mole (RM&SB mkd) RARE, US 1861 contract [only 2000] Cavalry saber with scabbard, similar to British Pattern 1822 heavy cavalry sabre, *TC mark on ricasso with faint "TIFFA.." , old rewrapped grip and wire c1861/2....$850

    Chatellerault (French arsenal, supplied CW arms to US) US Model 1840 Light Artillery saber Type 1, with scabbard - has inspector mark of star above W in a shield - for S. Wiedman, Chatellerault controller from 1836 to 1843. Carrying ring bands have wear, so definitely carried..1836-43...$425

    Ames Heavy Artillery Model 1832 sword with leather scabbard (ex-Don Troiani)1835...$999

    C. Roby & Co US Model 1840 NCO sword, no scabbard 1863....$295

    unknown American Light Artillery Officer Model 1821, with bone grip, Eagle head hilt, leather scabbard [one invisible repair]
    Sword no longer goes into scabbard (overall exc condition)....c1821......$750

    unknown American Light Artillery Officer Model 1812, no scabbard, 5 ball type, with bone grip, curved blade, some gilt on guard c1812....$600

    McKenney US Model 1860 Staff & Field with scabbard – Indian Wars ....c1883.....$225
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    All the best, Hugh

    "Strange women lying in ponds distributing swords is no basis for a system of government!"
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    Hi Hugh,

    This has been moved to the antique classifieds section.


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