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Thread: Weyersberg & Stamm Sword

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    Weyersberg & Stamm Sword

    My newest acquisition raises some questions. From the research I've done I'm guessing this is an 1870s Austrian Artillery Saber.

    First quote is from about the company itself:

    "As stated in, The Sword and Bayonet Makers of Imperial Germany 1871 - 1918 by John Walter, "Little has yet been discovered of this firm apart from the name and place of operation. …a general lack of Prussian weapons (although some are known) suggests that Weyersberg & Stamm spent much of its time fulfilling contracts placed by the government of Bayern. The company was working 1817-1872."

    The next two quotes are from different sites a guy with the exact same sword with a much shinier blade used to get some answers on what he inherited from his grandfather:

    "Weyersberg + Stamm, Solingen Germany made swords and bayonets for Germany + Austria mainly pre 1900. As your blade is not engraved or etched I would think that this probably not for an officer."


    "I have a book on Hapsburg Monarchy Edged Weapons. The Austrian mounted artillery sabre 1877 is identical to your sword."

    A third source specializing in Polish arms had an identical blade in Mint condition that it listed as an M1861 Austrian Infantry Officer's Saber. That blade has a knot and only a single fuller that isn't as long as the ones on my blade.

    The enclosed photos show a solid maker's mark for the manufacturer, a B guard, and a fading ray skin grip (at that's what the seller described it as) with a 22 1/4 length blade. Patina is very dark around the ricasso, and becomes more and more spotted towards the tip. The fullers run nearly the entire length of the blade minus the tip and ricasso, of course.

    So, what's everyone think? Late 1870s model Austrian Artillery Saber? Or something less exiting?
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    Your sword appears to be a version of the Model 1861 Austrian Infantry Officer sabre with a shortened blade from what I can see in the photographs.
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