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Thread: 4 Katanas for sale

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    Talking 4 Katanas for sale

    I have four katanas in good condition that I am looking to sell, or trade the lot for a sword of higher quality (ie a custom smith)

    Up first:
    There is a cutter that I got from my sensi Masayuki Shimabokoru, Hanshi as one of the blades that he designed himself with association with paul chen. This is not balanced and has different blade geometry than any production sword you could buy from a store. There is some slight damage to the tip from hitting a light bulb in my living room, but other than that the blade is in pristine condition. It has been cut with a few times. It is 28" long, weighs in at just over 3 pounds and has a sued tsuka wrap. This sword is cast, but it is really sharp and would cut bamboo or tatami with ease.

    The Blade and saya:

    The Tsuka is sued and rock solid:

    Small chip in kissaki from hitting a light bulb doesn't affect cutting at all:


    Will sell for $325 shipped in the US (originally $500)

    Second up:
    We have a Last Legend tsunami 29" Folded katana. In good shape, with some epoxy holding the tsuka gashira in place to the blade is a little more solid than when originally sold, the only other imperfection in this blade is a small chip on the kissaki from hitting one of the low hanging lights in my dojo. This does not affect cutting performance in any way, its just a cosmetic defect.

    The blade and saya:

    The blue cotton tsska:

    The folding activity of the steel:

    The tsuba:

    The daamage to the kissaki:

    Will sell for $375 shipped in the US (originally $700)

    up third:
    We have a Bugei Dragonfly Katana 29.5"/12". This blade is in perfect condition never touched anything but the cleaning cloth. The saya had to be cut open to fix a problem with built up wood shavings and has been epoxy'ed back. The sword fits the saya perfectly, the damage is only cosmetic.

    The blade and saya:

    The Tsuka:

    The Tsuka Gashira:

    The Tsuba:

    The activity of the folded steel:

    The Kissaki:

    The damage to the saya:

    will sell for $,1000 shipped in the US (originally $1,250 from

    Up fourth and last:
    We have a custom katana from Masayuki Shimabokoru, Hanshi. It has the same fittings as the Tori katana from paul chen but with completely different blade geometry. This blade is brand new just out of the box to take pictures of. It is in Mint condition and is one of only 20 swords made in the lot so it is a unique piece that is unlike any other sword on the market. They may sell some of these through his dojo but this is basically the only chance you will get to get this perfectly balanced piece of art.

    The sword and saya:

    The leather tsuka:

    The tuska gashira:

    The folding activity of the steel:

    The Saya with bamboo wrap and horn:

    The Kissaki:

    The Tsuba:

    Will sell for $1,500 shipped in the US (you can't buy this sword in any store and it is brand new)

    Please feel free to PM me with any reasonable offers or for a trade for the lot.

    Thanks for looking!!

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    last legend sold pending funds

    the last legend blade is sold pending funds. Thank you.

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    give me an offer

    give me an offer on one of the swrods if you are interested in it and i will entertain anything reasonable. The Last Legend katana is has been sold for less than the price listed above so if you are interested, dont hesitate to contact me for more information or pictures of the remaining 3 blades.

    Thank you

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    The top sword is not cast. No useable sword is cast. The sword is a variant of the Hanwei Practical Katana probably the Performance Series one. It is forged, but not folded.
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    thank you for the clarification

    thank you for the clarification

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    still 3 swords up for sale

    there are still 3 swords available, if you are interested make me an offer!

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    weekend bump

    weekend bump

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    Price Drops

    I am dropping the prices on the 3 swords remaining because i need to move them fast.

    for the first sword, the large cutter - $299 plus shipping
    for the bugei dragonfly 29.5/12 -$850 plus shipping
    for the new custom tori - $1250 plus shipping

    PM me if you are interested with any reasonable offers!!

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    still 3 swords for sale

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    I moved to CA from MA but these 3 swords are still for sale

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    Price drop

    for the bugei dragonfly 29.5/12 -$750 plus shipping
    for the custom tori - $1000 plus shipping

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    I assume length on the Tori-esque blade is also around 29"?

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    Custom tori

    the custom tori is a 28"/12"

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    custom cutter

    Is the 1st katana, the custom cutter still for sale?
    Little John

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    Cutter is sold

    the custom cutter is sold

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    make me an offer

    still have the custom tori
    and bugei dragonfly
    make me a reasonable offer!

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    PM Sent

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    Dragonfly sold pending funds

    The Bugei Dragonfly is sold pending funds

    The Custom Tori is price dropped again to $850 after doing some light cutting with it, thats as low as its going to go.

    PM me with any reasonable offers!

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    Bugei dragonfly is still for sale

    The deal fell through on the bugei dragonfly. due to the damaged saya, I was willing to sell it for 600, that should give you another 600 to get it a new saya and still pay less than retail for the sword. the blade is perfect.

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    Must sell soon

    Custom Tori 28/12 - $750
    Bugei Dragonfly 29.5/12 - $500

    Plus shipping ~17$

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    PM sent

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    dragonfly is sold

    The dragonfly is sold.
    Still have the custom Tori for sale or trade.
    PM me with any reasonable offers.

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    Tori for reduced price if sold soon

    If you buy the tori by the weekend I'll let it go for 650 shipped. I need the cash for a giant cell phone bill!

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    PM sent

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    Tori sold pending funds

    The Custom tori is sold pending funds to Nathan Bank! Thanks everyone!

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