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Thread: 4 Katanas for sale

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    Unhappy Tori received in poor condition

    I have waited over a week for Ian to respond to my private message regarding how I received the Tori and although he has apparently been online in the last few days he has still has not addressed my concerns. I hate to do this but I feel it only fair to disclose the details of this transaction.

    After going through a routine of dates missed without a word several times it shipped a week later than originally stated. This delay would have been less frustrating had I not had to call multiple times each time a date passed with no word to find out what was going on.

    The sword arrived in a sword box, somewhat crushed, and I open it to find the sword very loosely wrapped around the middle and end of the saya in a few paper towels, and nothing else. Upon further inspection (forgive me if my terminology is less than perfect, I'm still learning)...

    • The saya is chipped in several spots.
    • The saya has a long scratch near the end and the very end is a bit banged up.
    • The kuchigane is cracked on both sides, and was not in the original photos. It's probably more trouble than it's worth to fix unless it splits further and then it will need to be professionally replaced.
    • The sageo is coming apart, there was no evidence of this in the original photos. Granted it seems cheaply made (it's already coming apart on me more after only a few hours of iai batto ho)...
    • The tsuka-ito has a small nick in it that hopefully will hold but it seems like it might fail there and I'll have to get it rewrapped after not too long. Which is a shame because it's a nice wrap.
    • The kojiri is damaged/scuffed, I think it'll polish off but I couldn't scrape whatever it is off with my fingernail.
    • The fuchigane is spotted with what looks like rust. I think I can remove this if I pull it apart and give it a good polish.
    • The seppa on the tsuka side of the tsuba is no longer aligned properly, it's hard to tell from the original photos but it looks like it was set properly previously. Hopefully this all goes back together cleanly after I take it apart to clean the fuchigane.
    • The edge is chipped in two places. This is the most annoying of the flaws because it'll take a lot just to smooth it out and would require removing a ton of metal to completely get rid of. I was told that apart from it being "brand new" it had been used only to cut a few mats with it and that they were perfect cuts with no bending of the blade. The blade does look straight, but if I would have known it was chipped I would have not purchased the sword.
    • The entire monouchi (omote) is covered in rust, with a few other rust spots elsewhere.

    I have managed to remove some of the worst of the rust with Comet and a wine cork, but it will take a lot more work to look newish again and it's obvious the sword was not properly cared for. Between the lack of communication, the lack of packaging, the lack of care for the sword, and misrepresentation of the condition of the blade, I cannot recommend dealing with the seller.

    Attached are pictures of the worst of the rust and the chips.
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