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Thread: Indo-persian Gold inlaid Sword.

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    Smile Indo-persian Gold inlaid Sword.

    Help for reading inscription.Thanks.
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    The first inscription on the right (the slanted one):
    نصرمن الله و فتح قریب
    meaning: Help from God and early victory

    the other inscription:
    ...نصرکم الله فی مواطن کثیره
    Meaning: (I couldn`t read the first word)---> I can`t translate the whole sentence completely but: نصرmeans Victory, اللهmeans God, فی مواطن کبیره means: in many countries.

    the cartouche: (I could read some words) خان...علی مراد means: Lord/ Master....Morad Ali (Morad Ali is a name)


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    Indo-persian Gold inlaid sword.

    Thanks Mr Rahil.

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    you are very welcome...
    BTW, I am female!

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    Gold inlaid sword

    Sorry Rahil.


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