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Thread: ...a few questions?

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    ...a few questions?

    I am not sure if this is the correct forum topic in which to ask these questions, so mods, please move this topic where ever it may be the most apropriate.

    Question the first:

    -Is it important for either a nihonto or a Japanese style blade to ring when struck with a fingernail or other like object?

    -Also, is there a scientific method to determine if a blade has been tempered (properly or at all) with out having to resort to test cutting and having the blade chip or brake all together.

    -Finally, as an example, I have a blade that exhibits a hamon that is higher on one side then the other (i.e. on one side, the nioi line is closer to the ha while on the otherside, it is farther up away from the edge). Is this cause for any concern or is it just an anomoly caused from uneven clay removal from one side to the other during the hardening process?

    Thank you...
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