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Thread: Help for read inscription and period.

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    Smile Help for read inscription and period.

    Need help to read inscription and period of sword.
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    What a beautiful Shamshir!
    The script is out of focus and makes it difficult to read!
    I think it is a prayer (in Arabic Language)
    starting from the name: الله Lord,God
    at the forth line, I could read: یا محمد Oh Mohammad!
    and the last line, it is written three times: یا علی Oh Ali!


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    Truly excellent shamshir! I believe the handle is remade. Looks like a highly decorated representation piece rather than a functional weapon so I guess it might be from late 19th to early 20th centuries, Pehlevi Dynasty perod.
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    A nice sword. The blade is Indian. Blades like this representing hunting scenes were used for representation purposes but it does not mean that it is not functional. To read the inscriptions we definitelyy need better pictures.

    Please note that textual evidence such as Jogriya-ye Esfahan and other Persian manuscripts clearly indicate that by the end of the Qajar period, crucible steel blades could not be made anymore. During early Pahlavi qame and qaddare were still made until the ban by Reza Shah.

    A very nice swod

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    More images of swords.

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