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Thread: First gen Chen collection for sale!

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    Lightbulb First gen Chen collection for sale!

    Hello Sword Forum!!! Great site, anyway down to business! I need money to finish a restoration on a car so I have to part with some of my beloved collection I have all the boxes, cleaning kits, sword bags, tags, that each sword came with. I have never touched the blades with my bare hands, they are stored in their bags in a climate controlled room and cleaned and lightly oiled every year or so. I have never used any of the swords for cutting. Anyway....

    Orchid Katana ~ $750

    Meijin Katana ~ $700 (beautiful activity on the blade)

    Musashi Katana&Wakazashi ~ $825

    Shirasaya w/ Tiger blade&bo-hi ~ $750 (beautiful activity on the blade)

    Bamboo snake Katana&Wakazashi ~ $1000 (nice blades w/certificate)

    Bushido Daisho ~ $1300 (Katana, Wakazashi, Tanto)

    Tigaer Daisho ~ (I dont know how much I want for this, I really love it)

    I also have both basket hilt swords and the Cromwell, also the ninja to

    I think thats it, hope to give some of these swords a new home that will care for them and love them as I have and do.

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    Just wanted to say that I bought one of the swords and everything went great. I wouldn't hesitate to do business with him again ( and plan on it )

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    Thank you mister Kelley, a class act all the way! Broad swordnis sold now pending payment, thanks again to everyone for looking and a big thanks for buying! Haha!

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    The bamboo snakes are limited, while they made 300 of the katana they only made 50 of the wakizashi. 50 world wide is pretty limited, the wakizashi in the set is #35 of 50

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    Bushido set sold today! Thank you Aaron!

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    I bought one of the swords from him too, great communication and it went very well. I would definitely do business with him again!

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    Shirasaya tiger blade received.... In its origional box, in as new condition, with cleaning kit and instructions... heck, it looked like I might have just ordered it from the distributor. All arround very happy.
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    Bamboo snake set $900!!!!!!!!!!!! That's as low as I can go on it! This set is not easy to find, very limited run of wakizashis

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    No unreasonable offer will be refused! Car is nearing completion and these swords gotta go!!!!! thank you to everyone for buying, inquiring, and looking!

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    Musashi set sold! Pending payment arrival.....thank you! Send me offers!

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    Still for sale:
    bamboo snake set: $1000
    Tiger set: $1600 boo
    FREE SHIPPING*. *limited time offer

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    received Musashi set today in perfect shape! One of the best deals I've ever had here. Thanks!

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    Thank you Mr. Langenstein, it was a pleasure doing business with you.
    Still for sale:
    bamboo snake set: $900
    Tiger set: $1500 OBO

    FREE SHIPPING*. *limited time offer

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    Tiger set, all three swords $1400!!! this is a smoking deal not to be missed! Ask anyone who has purchased from me, the swords are as shipped from the factory brand spanking new

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    Bump for a great deal! You will get the swords just like new!

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    Thank you mr. Langenstein! Now, to everyone else.....feel free to send offers

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    Just gotts sell either set that's left

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    bamboo snake set: $900
    Tiger set: $1500 OBO

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    Tiger Daisho - is this the Elite version ?

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    Still for sale

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    The holidays are here! Free shipping, great gifts for yourself or someone you love!!!!!


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