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Thread: Museum Replicas Warhammer/Stormbringer Mod

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    Museum Replicas Warhammer/Stormbringer Mod

    For Sale... $295 OBRO Shipped in the US


    This sword started out its life as the Limited Warhammer Lord Archaon Daemon Sword called the "Slayer of Kings". It has been modified to take on the look of the sword it was really inspired from..."STORMBRINGER" the fabled Black Blade wielded by Elric Of Melnibone. This Sword has had custom raised Blood Red Runes added to the top section of the Blade to match what Stormbringer looks like in the novels. If you are a Elric and Stormbringer Fan you may know the ONLY licensed sword of Stormbringer is made by Raven Armouries in the UK and costs $3,500 with a 1 year wait if you can even order one. This REAL sword made by Windlass Steelcraft/Museum Replicas is a Steal in comparison.
    Or if you are a Warhammer fan this is the REAL "Slayer of Kings" sword and NOT some cheap knock off replica.

    This is a real hand forged high carbon steel Sword that can be sharpened.
    The blade is a black as midnight and has a evil wavy pattern to its edge.Its is MASSIVE in length and is a 2 hander.
    LONG SOLD OUT...Extremely rare..Have not seen a real one for sale in years
    *Unused condition*** In Storage only

    Archaon, the most powerful Chaos Lord ever to walk the realms of the Warhammer world, wields an unstoppable sword like none other. Bound inside the blade is the Greater Daemon U'zhul, driven insane with rage after aeons imprisoned within the sword, which is known to legend as, The Slayer of KingsTM. Through an exclusive agreement with Games Workshop, we are proud to bring this amazing sword from the pages of fantasy to magnificent reality. This sword is truly forged for a lord. The unique flame scalloped blade is tempered high carbon steel, which has been expertly blackened to a deep onyx luster. The grip is covered in black leather, while the pommel, guard and center portion of the grip have accents of antiqued brass, giving the piece the appearance of a sword of a thousand years past. Includes attractive, themed display plaque and a certificate of authenticity. This functional sword is made by Windlass Steelcrafts. 47 1/2" overall. 36" blade. Wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz.

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    - Sending PM, insterested in the sword.

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    Any chance you still have this for sale?


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