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Thread: Turaeg / Dha / Wootz Katar / Kachin Dao

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    Turaeg / Dha / Wootz Katar / Kachin Dao

    Mixed lot of items. Paypal prefered.

    item 1

    Turaeg sword from approx 1920's. Full stats can be seen here

    £110 + £20 eu postage, £25 USA

    Item 2

    Unusual Dha sword from Laos / Burma. Shows a tempered hardened edge. Approx 30 inches total length. Blade still sharp, scabbard solid but possibly more recent. Unusual corral and turqoise stone fittings.

    £120 + £20 eu postage, £25 USA

    Item 3

    A nice old Indian Katar dagger of wootz steel. Overall great condition. With a little work the blade would polish up great. Regardless the wootz pattern can be clearly seen. A nice old one. Blade 6 inches in length, has a re-inforced tip. Has a scababrd that has real age but isnt original to the piece.

    £180 includes world wide postage.
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    Item 4

    Nice old working kachin dao. I love these items and loathe to part with it. Has a brutal blade, that is pitted but just about shows the hardened edge. A no nonsense chopper both for taking heads and splitting wood (in the picture of the kachin dao attached its the top one )

    £100 + £10 postage.

    All payments via paypal or UK based personal cheque. Email me here or at
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    Email sent.

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    forgot to post a pic of the tuareg swords scabbard

    also open to trades of all sorts
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    I'll take the dao.

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    dao on hold pending payment

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    dao sold.

    one and only price reductions shown below. also would be happy be swop, one or all of remaining pieces for a nice kukri, dha sword, or moro piece.

    dha now £120 including ww postage

    tuareg sword £120 including ww postage

    wootz katar £170 including ww postage

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    I'll take the takouba - pm sent

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    takouba sold. many thx


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