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Thread: WTB - UC Lord of The Rings swords/scabbards

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    WTB - UC Lord of The Rings swords/scabbards

    I'm in the market for a couple specific United Cutlery Lord of The Rings items.

    UC1380 - Anduril
    UC1396 - Anduril Scabbard
    UC1265 - Glamdring
    UC1417 - Glamdring Scabbard (blue)

    And possibly if you have it for the right price:

    UC1372 - Legolas Knives
    UC1381 - Legolas Knives Scabbards
    UC1298 - Hadhafang

    I'm really looking for them to be complete (boxes, plaques, COA, etc). Let me know what you have.

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    PM sent.
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    PM replied!

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    Found a Glamdring and LE Anduril. Still looking for the rest.

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    Just got Legolas' knives and scabbards on ebay!

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    Anyone have a Glamdring or Anduril scabbard?

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    I've found a Glamdring scabbard. Anyone out there with an Anduril scabbard?


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