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Thread: A Khyber Knife

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    A Khyber Knife

    I was given this knife in 1974. It is in the exact condition as when I received it so many years ago.

    The horn on the grip was/is in bad shape, but I like the knife anyway. The blade legnth is 15 inches.

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    nice peace, I have a few like this and this one is not in that bad of shape. The wee bit of damage to the hilt gives it some character. Keep in mind these are 'working' knives and this one has probably been used like you and I would use a camp knife or multi tool

    The blade might be wootz as well,

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    Hi Michael,

    Nice example of a large Choora. Good form, nicely shaped blade. Very effective and deadly.

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    Thumbs up For comparison, my Choora

    This Afghan Choora Dagger dates from the early 20th Century. It is mounted with a T-shaped blade that measures 8 3/4 inches in length. The blade remains in nice condition with only minor staining. The simple horn grips have also survived nicely and remain sturdy. The wooden scabbard is leather covered with a portion of the leather now missing near the throat, nevertheless remains in good, serviceable condition. Overall measuring 13 inches in length.

    I am fascinated with the Khyber weapons. In addition to some long Khybers, I have a folding Lohar. If anyone knows about the Lohar or has pictures of other examples, please let me know.

    - David
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