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Thread: Book review: ARTS DE COMBAT

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    Book review: ARTS DE COMBAT

    Here is a short review of a book I received a few months ago. Fabrice cognot of De Taille et d`Estoc collected articles from different researchers, all connected to the HEMAC event in Dijon, and published them in a book. ARTS DE COMBAT is not well known thoughout the historical fencing community but a very valuable resource. While it is a french publication some of the articles are written in English.

    The book contains the following articles:

    -Bienheureux Roi qui seul une si grande oevre a lu by Lionel Lauvernay

    -The Cort Bewijs of Pieter Bailly. A Dutch Rapier Manual. by Matt Galas and Eli Steenput

    -The Montante of Dom Diogo Gomes de Figueiredo by Steve Hick, Eric Myers and Manuel Valle

    -Decision Points in Fiore die Liberi`s Dagger Techniques by Colin Richards

    -Seul contre tous: le combat à plus de deux adversaires, une lacune des livres de combat? by Michael Huber

    -Harnischfechten, une approche du duel en armure à pied d`après les traités de combat: élaboration d`une logique de combat by Daniel Jaquet and Thomas Schmutziger

    -Statutes of the Fencing Masters of Bruges (1456) by Matt Galas and Eli Steenput

    -L`escrime au baton et à la canne en France du XVI au XIX siècle by Olivier Dupuis

    -Annexe Josephe Charlemont by Jean-Louis Olivier

    As I do not speak french I cannot comment on the french articles. But the English ones are all excellent. The color reproduction and translation of Pieter Bailly`s manual allone would be worth the price of the whole book (20 EUR). Steve Hick, Eric Myers and Manuel Valle present an analysis of Figueiredos montante, the Portugese great-sword. The article by Colin Richards discusses the pedagogy behind the dagger techniques of Fiore dei Liberi`s treatises. The second article by Matt Galas and Eli Steenput presents valuable insights into the Belgian fencing guilds. I´m sure that the articles in French are of equal quality.

    If you are interested in one of the aforementioned subjects I´d highly recommend to buy this book. It can be purchased via this website:

    Alex Kiermayer
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