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Thread: Real or fake katana? - part II

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    Real or fake katana? - part II

    Hi everyone!

    Can anyone tell from the attached pics if the katana is original or a fake?
    The handle and the saya are made of wood. The handle is covered with sting ray skin (but many fakes are too...). The blade looks like it has "Damascus" curves, but there is no distinct "hamon" from the centerline...

    Many thanks for your help.
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    Fake definately (sorry)...

    EDIT: The damascus and carvings tell the sad story and lead to the undisputable conclusion that it is not a nihonto (ie traditionaly in japan made japanese sword)...
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    Deeply appreciated! I didn't bought it yet as never heard about katanas with damascus blade. The man is asking 300USD for it, but I need a blade which can cut too, not only look nice. Probably I should purchase a Cold Steel katana for that and leave the old fashion swords for the real collectors.

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    If you are looking for a better more traditionally made blade that looks more authentic and can be used or relied upon to be used more safely why not look at Kris Cutlery or Dynasty Forge, Hanwei. They are all in a similar price range to Cold Steel and are, for the most part, DH hardened, which CS is not.

    For a comparison of blades and manufactures check out the Toyama-ryu sword tests- Cold Steel didn't perform too well overall I beleive, compared to some other options.
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    Hi Octavian

    Your original post suggests you wanted to check whether this was a genuine nihonto, and that if it was, you planned to buy and then cut with it.

    Please dont do this. Antique nihonto is now to be cared for, appreciated, and looked after for the generations to follow. Not to be used for cutting practise and risking damaging something that has survived intact for hundreds of years and is irreplacable. As other people have suggested, look for a hanwei (paul chen), cold steel etc for that purpose.

    apologies if i have misread your meaning. good luck with your search. if its your first katana then i would stick with hanwei. 300 bucks might get you a paul chen practical which would be ideal. often good deals turn up here in the classifieds section and you are only likely to sell good katanas for sale there.

    all the best


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