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Thread: Hanwei Anniversary Shinto - Number ONE

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    Exclamation Hanwei Anniversary Shinto - Number ONE

    This is the Hanwei Anniversary Shinto - stamped number 1/250. Also comes with matching bag, certificate and stand. This sword is impossible to find elsewhere in stock, not to mention the ability to get number ONE should be impossible. The sword came to our possession from Hanwei directly after an issue when we recieved a different anniversary shinto. Because of the number, this is a one of a kind piece. Never used for cutting or any use. Simply used for display. Pictures available upon request. Asking $3500 OBO, includes shipping anywhere in the US.

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    If you have a question or concern such as this, pm or email are the avenues to communicate your query. Spurious discussion and assessment are not really within the guidelines for this section. If you want to discuss this openly, do so in another section here (ie the modern katana subforum).


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    Make offers. Any reasonable offer will not be refused. Keep in mind that this sword was not a "luck of the draw" when purchased, it was given to us direct from Hanwei from their personal wall and collection. It is not something one could simply go out and buy. The sword is not available from any retailer that I know of, and the number 1/250 is impossible. I know my asking price is high, but we are in need of the money to pay for doctors bills that came out of nowhere for our infant daughter, and I pray that someone can help us while adding an item to their collection that is, by all means, irreplaceable.

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