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Thread: Ames M1861 Naval Cutlass Repro

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    Ames M1861 Naval Cutlass Repro

    I recently purchased what I'm 99.995% certain is an Ames M1861 reproduction. My only question is what kind. It's not terribly modern, because the pommel isn't screw-on, but it's not particularly old either. I wouldn't put it at more than forty years old, though I could easily be mistaken. The bell guard is a separate piece, but it only has six rivets, instead of the ten that a real one would have. There are no makers marks that I can see. A previous owner took absolutely zero care of it and the blade is very rusty, particularly right at the guard which would obscure a "Made in Pakistan/India/China etc" mark. Also, some idiot (probably the same one who let the blade get extremely rusty) decided to sharpen the false edge. I only paid $89 for it so I'm not complaining, just curious.
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