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Thread: Tori Tanto??

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    Tori Tanto??


    I just purchased a Tori Tanto from KOA. No complaints, and I got it a a great price as they price matched another site for me. However it is not folded as their site indicates, can someone please advise if they ever make the Tori Tanto in a non-folded version?

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    In answer to your question, yes they did make a non folded version of the Tori tanto, it was however, from the information I've read, a mistake by the forge and not a run done by design. They appear to have made some out of mono steel (T10 I think) instead of the folded powdered steel, total numbers of which I'm not sure, someone will know. So you have an interesting tanto in that it's a fairly rare item as it wasn't something intended, assuming you are happy with it and not too disappointed it doesn't have the folded blade of the Tori series. There's a review of the non-floded Tori tanto on U-tube (don't have the link to hand) which gives some more info.
    I've recently purchased a Tori Elite Katana and have though about matching it with the Tori tanto and would be interested in your views on the one you own.


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    Thanks for the info. to be honest, Iam quite happy with it even though its not the folded steel it was advertised to be. The hamon isn't as frosty which is a nice suprise, and the bo-hi is well done. As a whole it is a very well put together and solid tanto. i also really dig the blonde bull horn they used for the kurigata, it was a nice touch.


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