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Thread: Purple/blue marks on blade after oiling

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    Purple/blue marks on blade after oiling

    Is it normal to get some purple or blue marks appearing on the blade a few hours after oiling? The look similar to the refraction you get on oil slicks so I thought it might just be oil.
    But then I have a harmonica with the same kind of patterns and that's tarnish caused by skin acids.

    So are these marks on the blade normal or not? They wipe off with a cloth and the blade returns to shiny after powdering and oiling so it might not be tarnish I don't know.

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    Go with your instinct Mr. Ludford.

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    My instinct is I'm not sure.

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    You said you thought it might just be the oil, and I think so too, I have noticed the same on my swords.

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    It s just the oil, its also much more evident on mirror finishes. Nothing to worry about.

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    Using different oils will do this too. Some folks use gun oil some use choji oil for their blades. I have done/do both and can get these colors if I do a shabby job getting the old oil off (I used to over oil my blades,you only need a light sheen). I don't know if you've changed oils but that is one way to get them.

    Bob Bugh
    Bob Bugh


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