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Thread: Selling my Tozando Iaito

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    Selling my Tozando Iaito

    Well, it seems that i have to clear house and so i have to get rid of my two Iaito that i am no longer using (i switched to Taekwondo a year ago). They are both very nice Tozando Higo Koshirae. The first one Is the Higo Koshirae standard from a few years ago when the options were limited. The length is 2.45 Shaku with glossy Kuroro laquer and Hirata stuba. The other one has only been used once and Is a lot nicer custom Higo Koshirae with Brown cotton Tsuka/Sageo, black Tsukasame, Tsukushi menuki, Musashi tsuba and the really nice Hon Kuroishime laquer ($163 extra on their website). Both Iaito have sugha hamon and beautiful copper fittings that have developed a nice patina over time. There is a small ding on the Saya of the stand one and the laquer is a little scuffed on the end of the custom one but otherwise they are both in great shape. These are swords for Iaido with zinc/aluminum alloy blades. I'm looking for $300 for the Higo standard and $500 for the Custom one. These are great swords for someone looking to start practising Iaido.

    You can see pictures here:

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    Both Iaito have sold

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    Nice Blades, glad to see you sold them so quickly. We hope to see you back here at Sword Forums (once you get the TKD out of your system).
    In Gassho,
    John ;:^)
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