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Thread: 1075 quenching...

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    1075 quenching...

    What do you guys think would be a good water temp for 1075?
    I was thinking 130F. good, bad???

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    Limited experience but...

    Hi Joe,

    I have only used 1075 twice, but so far I like it better than 1050 or 1084.
    I generally use tap water straight out of the water heater, which would be about 125 F. I just have a sort of feel for the water temp I want and if I think it has cooled down before I can get a blade in, I heat a bar of steel (scrap) and quench it to bring the heat back up. This time of year it cools pretty quick.

    Both times I have used it the blades took a nice curve without being too drastic and didn't crack. I temper two hours at 325 F for stress relief just as quick as I can get excess clay off.

    What luck have others had with this steel?
    "If you're in a fair fight...You didn't plan it properly"

    Gary B

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    Thank you, Gary.
    Good to know my ball park was right.


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