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Thread: Upgraded Katzbalger

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    Upgraded Katzbalger

    It has been a long year and I am way way behind on updating our website and the public on some of our recent works.

    This Katzbalger is a good representation of a new signature series of swords called "Charmed City Upgrades". This line of swords are all upgraded from standard production blade blanks and pieces. The goal of the line is the give the customer a better idea of what upgrade options are offered by us.

    On this sword I added 2 fullers in the center of the blade with 2 more short fullers in the ricasso. I also did a stop edge grind instead of our standard faded edge. The gaurd is forged to shape and has nodes ground into the centers of each D. The handle is tiger stripe maple and is ground to match the fishtail pommel.

    For more on this sword please visit our site :

    Thanks for looking and as always, comments are welcomed.
    -Matt @ BKS
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