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    Polite suggestion...

    Have you ever considered reducing the immense number of forums, subforums, subsubforums?

    I've been a regular visitor and reader for about 5 years now and gradually I've stopped checking back because, while there are still a few people posting, one has to navigate through an elaborate maze to see any evidence of it. The extremely specific subforum categories mean few people will ever actually stumble upon your thread.

    Forums like MyArmoury and Sword Buyers Guide have far fewer subforums so you do occasionally see a thread about a Scimitar next to a thread about a Spatha, but that's a small price to pay for not feeling like a ghost town. It seems there are about 10 subforums and 60 sub-subforums, none of which are active.
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    IF you just click on the new posts, you'll see everything new..........

    I do it and never miss a post.
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    I agree with Stuart. There is a great deal of clutter about, not only forums but sticky threads as well. I understand the desire to maintain older areas and posts for future reference, but they do tend to be cumbersome to the day-to-day visitor.

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    Actually Mark McMorrow and I have this as part of our "todo list". A number of forums are really no longer used very much and should be archived. Additionally other forums need to be promoted upwards and the whole hierarchy flattened a bit. I would recommend though that you consider using the "New Posts" or "Whats New" as shortcuts to see what new comments or post there are. Additionally under consideration is a user specific widget that would report any new posts or comments by those people in your Friends list.


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