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Thread: requesting information on JIAN

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    requesting information on JIAN

    i got this sword as a present and dont know much on asian weaponry. the only thing i can tell is: according to its condition it is probably not very old.
    can you help me gather some information on this sword?

    thank you in advance!
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    more pics:
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    It's a Longquan repro. Can't say anything on the blade by foto alone nor on the sheath's skin. The later could be genuine sting ray, but I fear the blade is rather worthless, a wallhanger or training tool for forms. No cutting recommended!

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    any idea on the value of this thing? i'd like to sell it but dont have any clue on how to set the price

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    It's a replica Tang dynasty jian, and a reasonably good quality one. If you search ebay for "tang jian", you'll see what new ones sell for.
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