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Thread: Help with ID Revolutionary war sword/saber named W M Kisack 1776

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    Help with ID Revolutionary war sword/saber named W M Kisack 1776

    I am looking for some help identifying the sword shown in the attachments. I am hoping someone here may be able to help. There is a nameplate attached that is marked "W M Kisack 1776".
    Thank you in advance
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    Rev War Sword?

    I am no expert on swords from the American Revolution but this sword looks very similar to two hunting swords/sabres on pages 153 and 155 of "American Weapons of the American Revolution and Accoutrements" by Warren Moore.
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    It looks like a nice silver-hilt hunting sword--cuttoe--favored by British and American officers as a symbol of rank (and capable of some defense). They come in varying styles and sizes--some robust enough to act as short sabers. You have a sword carrier too--it would be clipped over the waist band of the breeches or a belt. The date is no indicator of date of manufacture as it could have been applied well after the date inscribed--but this style generally was around from 1760 through 1800. Lots of variety with these--a good reason to collect them.
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    Have you found out any more on this sword? I have one similar but yours, with the engraved scabbard mount and belt, far surpasses mine. I'd volunteer to research Kisack for you if you don't have it already. Where did you find it so I can narrow my research?

    Thanks for showing this; it's beautiful!

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