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Thread: Chinese Boxer Ring Pommel Sword

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    Chinese Boxer Ring Pommel Sword

    Hi Forum
    Im trying to research this Swod I have. Its Iron and all one piece with a material binding to the Ring Pommel.
    Its 80cm long and in good condition.
    Am I correct in thinking its Boxer Rebellion period?
    Ive scoured the net with little success.
    Many thanks for any help
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    There are some clever fakes of supposed Boxer swords. Often the rusting is artificial and too evenly dispersed throughout the sword. Ring pommel swords seem to be a favorite given the simplicity of design. Not saying that is the case with your sword. Also it appears that National period ring pommel choppers are out there in numbers at present--are they fakes? Others, please add input.
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    Yes I imagine cominf from China there are lots of clever fakes.
    However I do feel that this one certainly looks genuine. The rusting and colour all look good to me but I would welcome any other help.

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    Try searching "Chinese swords fakes" or similar things on the net--there are some decent educational articles that come up--they discuss new (fake) vs. old rust (genuine), patina, styles, etc. They should help you.
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    The sword looks genuine.

    It may or may not be from the Boxer period, it is very hard to date these accurately. Similar swords have been made for centuries, possibly even earlier than the Ming, and production continued well into the 20th Century. Looking at the patina and wear on yours, I would think that the blade dates to no earlier than the Late Qing.

    The guard is very nice. It is perhaps a replacement as it doesn't fit properly and also as it appears to be of earlier manufacture than the rest of the sword. If so, then the tang or the ring pommel will have been modified to allow the change of guard.

    The wrapping looks fairly recent.

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    Thanks for your help everyone.


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