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Thread: An ottoman style Yataghan

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    An ottoman style Yataghan


    I am a french blacksmith and knifemaker. I have specialised myself in oriental arms, and occasionally make sabers or swords.

    This is an ottoman style yataghan I have made.

    • the blade is made of a very light damascus, 1200 layers, very low contrast and bright polishing,
    • the scabbard is made of sculpted wood with leather coverage,
    • all fittings are silver plated, on bronze casted parts
    • the handle is mammoth ivory
    • the sentence which is acid etched on the blade has been picked up from an old turkish yataghan

    Casting the fittings instead of making them by embossing of metal leaves is due to commisison requirements.
    Choosing mammoth ivory instead of walrus is due to customs regulations. This saber is going to be shipped in the US, I want to avoid any trouble with the customs services.

    I think some of you have chance to handle beautiful ancient yataghans from time to time, so I would like to know you feeling about this work...



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    Bernard, that is fantastic work:

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    I like it quite a lot. I've never seen mammoth ivory in that shade of bright white, but maybe it's the photography.

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    Thanks to each of you.
    What is most usually seen is the external part of the mammoth tusk, which has dark brown / green color. Here, the handle has been sculpted from two blocks, taken from the inside part of the tusk, which is cream white, quite like elephant ivory. The main difficulty is to find blocks without any crack or default. This is 1st grade mammoth ivory. Last remark : the brightness comes from a very carefull hand-made polishing.

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    High-quality antique yataghans are currently selling for USD3300 - USD3750 at OA...

    May I inquire as to the pricing of this piece you made?

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    Ty N, you have a PM.

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    An ottoman style yataghan

    Simply stunning, it's not often you see a modern yataghan, this one is worth the wait.
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    Wow that's really nice! Well done
    Do you have specifications on blade length, weight and point of balance?
    Thanks for sharing.

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    Here are the main specs :
    - yatagan length : 76 cm
    - blade length : 60 cm
    - blade structure : 1200 layers damascus steel
    - weight : 900 gr mostly due to the casted fittings (was a commission requirement).

    Thanks a lot for your comments.


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