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Thread: For Sale: Hanwei Tactical Katana

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    For Sale: Hanwei Tactical Katana


    I have a Hanwei Tactical Katana I received as a gift about 2 months ago, and want to sell it. Sword has not been used for any cutting, it has stayed in its sword bag on my wall. It has been removed from my wall for cleaning from time to time. Its in perfect condition, and I believe I still have the original box. This sword is brand new. Since hanwei has closed its doors for the next few months, the value of this sword has gone up. I have seen them sell on ebay for almost $200! The cheapest you can find this sword is $180 shipped from retailers like kult of athena.

    This sword might not appeal to a lot of people, but let me tell you why its a good sword. Its a thin blade (Maintains 5.5 mm thickness throughout entire blade) and I was told when I bought it from KOA that it was the same blade style hanwei uses for their raptor katana's. Katana's designed with Bugei, which makes the best katana's in the world for a responsible price. The blade on a tactical katana is pretty much the same off of the standard Raptor katana, and most of the raptor katana's are being discontinued. The sword is very high quality, and performs just as well as the expensive raptor style blades. The only differences are the finish, and the fittings from the raptor line. The scabbard is also made of very durable fiberglass, which is much stronger then pine wood used by most modern companies. The fiberglass can take a beating, and you don't have to worry about the mouth cracking on a bad draw. This is a wonderful katana for experts, and people who are just starting out. The katana is very light, and can handle most targets. The katana can be used one handed, or two. Its a perfect version of their Wakizashi!

    The handle is made of kraton, instead of same and ito wrap. As someone who prefers a European Longsword to a Katana handle, this handle feels a lot like a standard European Longsword. The saya also has a very special feature. The bottom of the saya has a draining hole, in case water gets into your saya. The saya can also be used in an emergency, as a snorkel! The sword also has some paracord wrap, you could use to wrap to wear the katana. And also comes in handy in a survival situation. This is the katana made for the end of the world and zombies. Don't pass it up.

    I am asking $170 shipped or best offer. No trades please. I just want cash.

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