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    Huawei Question

    Hey Folks,

    Hopefully somone can answer this one for me. I just purchased a Huawei katana and am waiting for it to be shipped to me. Having owned a couple in the past I can say that their kats are very well put together, however I despise their artifically patinated gilt fittings.

    Anyways, from what I understand, the fittings are supposed to be copper. I was thinking of stripping the fittings down to base and polishing em up as I like the look of plain copper fittngs. However I was wondering if anyone has done this on these type of fittings or know for a fact that they are a copper base?

    If they are a copper base, what would be the best route to remove the finish and gilting, would some sort of paint stripper work?

    Many thanks.

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    Hey Andrew,

    first off all, ugh... your tsuka came back to me today. I don't know why. I'm mailing it out again today. Sorry, you've been eagerly awaiting it.

    Now, the fittings are actually brass. By "copper base" I am sure they don't mean solid copper, but just a fancy term for brass. You really can't have cast copper fittings. It'll work... but the fittings would be soft as butter.

    Huawei does have some plain iron fittings. I have been curios as to how their blades are so I ordered one myself.
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    I went ahead and stripped them down. They are in fact copper plated brass....


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