I am a private collector looking to expand my collection. I am specifically looking for 19thC. Wilkinson Sword manufactured single fullered, un-fullered and claymore blades, of sword patterns used by the British military, inclusive of both numbered and pre-numbered issues but without excessive over-cleaning damaging the etching or unsightly attempts of re-plating the blade. I am happy to consider swords which have pitting or rust damage, subject to the severity and location. Particularly interested if the sword is marked with an heraldic crest/initials/regimental markings, in short any etching beyond the standard template markings.

I am less keen on Wilkinson 'dumbell shaped' blades, unless the etching is particularly good or different such as inclusive of an individual's heraldic crest/achievement.

As a first time advertiser, I will only consider items to be purchased from within the UK, unless I already know you in person.
Prices: I will not pay dealer prices, but if interested will offer a reasonable price as could be expected if sold at an auction house (but without you having to pay any commission). The seller must be the legal owner of the sword to be sold as an identifiable receipt confirming the sale (handwritten is acceptable) will be expected.
Many thanks