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Thread: Need help in identifying katana--signed

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    Need help in identifying katana--signed

    Im not sure if this sword is even authentic and know very little about historical swords other than what Ive found the last two days on the internet. Believe it or not, my dad was at a flea market in Kentucky and came across this sword. He works for a Japanese company and just returned from Japan and after seeing katanas in Japan this caught his eye. The guy selling it told him it was "an ole timey Civil war sword"---My dad knew that it wasnt and PAID HIM THE $20 DOLLARS he was asking.
    Just from what Ive seen on TV I told my dad to see if the tang was signed if possible when he got home and it was. Can anyone give any insight as to if it looks authentic and possibly who made it. He took pictures to work and the Japanese said that the characters were ones that werent used any longer but they were able to make something out the the effect of "Seki, Japan in Gifu province"-- they saw "made by" and something that they thought said "AAvoku"
    Any input is appreciated as to age, maker, value, etc.
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    Anybody have a clue on this one? im new to this thread so did i maybe post this in the wrong place? Also the Japanese at my dads work said that it says "kavuko" and not aavuko

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    Yes it should be posted to the Nihonto forum as that specializes in Japanese blades.
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