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Thread: Can you help me identify this sword?

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    Can you help me identify this sword?

    Photos at:

    What kind of sword is this? I got this sword out of an estate and I don't know anything about it. The previous owner had spray painted the blade so it would look better hanging on his wall but this is not a replica sword. It is roughly 26 inches long from handle to blade and weighs roughly 2.75 lbs. The handle is wood and what appears to be brass. It is a fighting sword but I was hoping for some more information about it's place of origin and time frame.

    I had a guy tell me it looked like a Chinese Dao sword and suggested I put a thread in this forum. Any help would be appreciated.
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    My first impression is that it's a replica dao, and not a fighting sword. Superficially, it looks like a Chinese dao. The blade is not ground like a dao; it looks like a slab of sheet steel with an edge ground on it and a narrow fuller cut into it. Also wider than a usual dao blade. It's also much heavier than I'd expect a fighting sword.

    But with the general resemblance of the blade shape to a dao, and the close-to-Chinese guard, grip, and pommel, it looks very much like an imitation dao. So much, I don't think it is anything else. My guess would be imitation/replica oxtail dao (niuweidao), for display or stage/screen or martial arts, 20th century. Where from? Western? Philippines?

    How thick is it? Is the thickness uniform from guard to near the tip?
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