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Thread: Vintage Khyber sword for sale

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    Vintage Khyber sword for sale

    I had found this as well as other swords , daggers and bayonetts in one of the storage lockers i buy and sell .I listed it for help in Identifying it in the forums and have been told it was a Khyber sword . I would like to sell it for a good resonable offer. I also have other pieces that I would like to sell as well . Pictures of others are available upon demand .
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    Hi Michael,

    Please refer to the forum rules as regards fixing a price on items listed. Thanks!

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    sorry mark I'm new to the sword forum and didnt realize

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    I have read the forum rules for selling items and see that I must post a price , sorry I did not read it first but I will try and abide by the forum rules now that I've read them.

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    :P Still waiting for a price! Nice piece though.

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    Which country is the sword in?

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    Sorry I havent checked back in awhile william but I'd be willing to let it go for $ 225.00

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    Very nice piece - What would the minimum price you would accept on this?

    Do you have anymore info about the piece - A Treasure Trove of Antique Indo Persian Arms & Armour - Register for free today

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    A cool items. How much is the last price? I want some info on the sword. Thanks....I am very much interested...

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    Sorry gentelmen I allready sold the piece , thanks for your inquiry.


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    That's OK. Maybe you will sell some items next time! Thanks.


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