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Thread: Thoughts on Koshirae :D

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    Thoughts on Koshirae :D

    So this has to do with my recent project by Rick Barrett - as it so happens all the the fittings I had before were too small to fit on that massive O-Kissaki. The original thread is...

    I figured I'd start a new thread because it was a different topic. Apologies if it should have been there

    Continuing, these are the new fittings I got for the project... All size appropriate lol


    Fuchi and Kashira



    The tsuba and menuki are from Aoi-art and I have to say that Mr. Tsuruta responds very fast and is easy to work with - he also takes pretty good pictures. The fuchi and kashira are from Rick, I could literally find no antique pieces on the market now that was size appropriate for the blade, luckily Rick had this nice plain shibuichi pair on hand . The kozuka I picked up on ebay, I just thought it looked nice lol.

    So the general theme I came up for the project was of Shishimai playing in a field of grass under a tree with hanging vines. I made some sketches, pretty much just photoshoping a mishmash of different elements together to try and fit the theme.

    I was wondering though, if any of you had any ideas for the saya. While I do think the plain black looks nice maybe another design I haven't heard of could be used. What I put here was a picture I found of a crushed malachite design. I also have seen abalone and egg shells used. I was wondering if there were any other cheap alternatives like egg shells available? Although, I was wondering what everyone thought, if the colors and mediums jive together, I just thought I'd post and see

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    I was wondering if anyone has seen tsuka ito in that somewhat pale green color, I've only been able to find vibrant bold colors. Fred Lohman has a suede variant in the color but I was wondering if anyone has ever seen it in silk?

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    Thanks Bill, I'm going to try and see if I can get some samples

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    Oh this link is even better haha, it's kind of confusing cos they say tsukaito and have sageo right next to it lol

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    Loved the blade, and koshirae seems to be lovely as well.

    That crushed malachite saya looks nice. However saya desing like that (malachite, egg shells etc. might be pretty costly and will be hard to make). There are huge amounts of different saya lacquer types that have some sort of inlay and complex designs (either by paint or pattern) on them. Some that stand up very much and some that are very subtle.
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    Kozuka should be on the other side of the saya.
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    Who is doing the mounting?

    Also, check here:
    I like swords.


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    Hey Joon, yeah I've been corrected haha, thanks .

    Jeff, he is a pretty modest guy, so if he chimes in it's okay. I did look at the tsunami wrap and they did have a nice green, though I wanted to try to find silk first. I went with number 17 from the site Bill gave, ( Only place I saw that has an off green color like that, so I hope the colors jive well.

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    Hi Grant,

    I kind of like the direction you are going with it. One saya that had me somewhat intrigued up close and personal was the work by David Schlueter (Odd Frog Forge). I had seen this piece twice, staring a decade ago and all I could get from him about the material was that it was something organic. The more I looked at it the more I had to figure it was something as simple as uncooked tapioca pearls. Just about anything could be embedded, I would think. From a distance, the saya almost has the appearance of being wrapped in ray skin losing nodes but up close, the depth in the 3d visual showed quite symmetrical balls of "something". His site had disappeared awhile ago but can still be seen via

    I would think just about anything can be shown in clear acrylics, even photos on special paper that can be buffed down through the paper leaving the image. Some types of things may need to be primed so as to not completely absorb the lacquer causing it to swell, discolor or simply fall apart.


    Hotspur; I like the paler green ito choices as well
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