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Thread: KDF UK - Coach Training

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    Just to say a big thanks to Thomas Stoeppler for his excellent training / explanations of his systems for Liechtenauer's art. As ever, illuminating, enjoyable and deadly sudden.

    This event was in a way a duplicate of the event that was at the start of KDF in the UK, where we took up this "small frame" interpretation. KDF has grown a lot in the six years since then, both in Europe and (especially this year) in the UK. We owe a lot to Thomas!

    We spent 2 days in a small hall in the rural midlands, beset by foul weather, supported by great company, new friends as well as old ones and an event that really helped all of the KDF coaches in the UK (new and old) to touch base and continue to share the mutual support and friendship that is the powerhouse behind our cherished anarcho-syndicalist commune.
    Adam Roylance
    KDF International

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    One day I hope to get Thomas over here. His stuff is great.

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    That was really an enjoyable weekend, friends, fun and serious training! Anytime again.. though hopefully with less flight delay and more sun

    Cheers, Thomas

    P.S. Thanks Mike - same here
    Erschrickstu gern /
    Keyn Fechten lern.


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