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Thread: Narrative with weapon doesn't match evidence

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    Narrative with weapon doesn't match evidence

    My son recently acquired a sword for which the narrative he was given (U.S. Army WW2 veteran’s ceremonial sabre) is contradicted by visual inspection.
    Base of blade bears etching: “Curt Bretschneider” followed by “Chemnitz”

    A few other marks: A capital "D" near tip of scabbard on one side, not centered. A centered cross-mark on the opposite side of the scabbard tip that might be a manufacture-related hatch-mark, or possibly a faded 4, t, or swastika. Number 15 appears to have been stamped near top of scabbard on one side.

    Straight single-edged blade itself is about 80 cm. Length of whole item from scabbard-tip to hilt is 93 cm. Tarnishing suggests it's silver-plated.
    P-curve on hilt guard. No ornamentation. Nice heavy sword knot, but no markings on it; possibly includes gold thread. Worn leather strap.

    Visually similar to some Prussian officer’s swords and various dress swords, circa World War I, but I’m not seeing a specific weapon that's an exact match. Also very surprised by “Chemnitz,” which was an industrial center, but not one that I knew to have an association with sword-making. \

    Any insights on identity and likely origin of this weapon?

    F. Taylor in the United States

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    In many countries, including the US, it common to award swords to civilians. That maybe the case here. One of the first things Hitler and his cronies did was to revitalize the German cutlery industry.

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    A photograph would be most helpful.
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