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Thread: FS: Paul Chen Practical Pro Elite Katana

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    FS: Paul Chen Practical Pro Elite Katana

    Hello. Today I have for sale my Paul Chen Practical Pro Elite Katana (as shown HERE for more technical information). I bought it a few years ago off of a member of another sword forum. It was used by him once as far as I can remember, for dojo cutting exercises? I know he knew what he was doing, it wasn't someone randomly swinging around a near $500 sword with no training. I think it shows as the sword, as far as my eye can see, shows no signs being handled much.

    I'm selling it because despite it being a prized conversation piece of mine, in reality its a "professional" level sword sitting in my house not doing anything and I'm sure someone could put it to good use or give it a better home. Not to mention I've long since moved on from this hobby and on to other just as expensive ones lol. It's been otherwise kept on display, in its Saya on my shelf. Taken out on occasion to inspect and re oil if needed. As well as to show it off of course. It has had a semi thick layer of wax(?) over it this whole time. Keeping it rust and blemish free. It has collected a little dirt and residue on the wax though, but I'm sure a quick wipe and a fresh coat is all it would take. It also fell on (not off) the shelf and brushed against the wall behind it, swapping paint. I'm not sure what it would take to un-do that. So it has minor paint blemishes on the saya and kashira. It comes with a cotton sword bag too.

    Any questions about anything, more pictures, etc, feel free to ask. I'm asking $385 paypal + shipping ConUs via USPS.

    The paint swap

    Little bit of white scraped on to the cap

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