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Thread: For Sale: Kingfisher and Ebogu Bokken

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    For Sale: Kingfisher and Ebogu Bokken


    I have for sale two bokken; a Kingfisher Woodworks Shinto longsword, standard grade 5 hickory, 40" overall, 10 3/4" tsuka, no contact, pristine. Also, an Ebogu master quality white oak long sword, 40" overall, 10 1/4" tsuka, no contact, pristine.

    I would like to sell these as a package deal. I'm asking $115 including s/h in US. Each will include a sword bag, free of charge.

    Solid deal for quality weapons. The Ebogu bokken has some meat and heft.

    Thanks for looking.
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    Sorry for not specifying payment details. I will accept USPS money orders, cashiers or personal checks. Please allow the necessary time for checks to clear. Thank you.

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    Sold pending payment. Thank you.


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