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Thread: FS: Customized Paul Chen Tea Culture Wakizashi

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    FS: Customized Paul Chen Tea Culture Wakizashi

    Hi guys,

    I just finished this one a few weeks back, was planning on keeping it and making a matching katana so I'd have a daisho but I again need the coin as always so she's going up for sale.

    Paul Chen Tea Culture Wakizashi, Overall Length: 28 3/4'' Blade: 18 1/2'' Tsuka: 5 1/2". New, not used, just purchased 2 months back, everything's tight and in pristine condition.

    The tsuka was rewrapped in black cord which was laqcuered. The original menuki were replaced with a Heike Crab set from Yamato Budogu, the plan was to re-use the tea menuki the wak came with, however one of the menukis was cracked in half, plus they were found to be on the cheap side, they appeared to be painted alloy. So I guess the crabs could be the okimono statues at the tea ceremony, or you could just switch the tsuba out for one with a crab motif if you'd like. The original fuchi-kash & tsuba remain. I added a nicely polished horn mekugi for good measure.

    The saya was given a rust brown matte finish which turned out perfectly. I added a nice himo sageo in blue & brown.

    Asking $325 shipped CONUS OBO. Paypal only please.
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    More pics
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    Bump & price drop to $300 shipped CONUS obo....

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    Bump & price drop to $275shipped obo...

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    PM Sent.

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    Sold PP.....

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    Payment sent.

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    By the way, does anybody know what type of steel the blade is made from? The only info I was able to find was: "differentiated clay-tempered high-carbon steel."


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