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Thread: Boston Sword Gathering VIII: Preliminary Announcement - September 28,29,30

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    Boston Sword Gathering VIII: Preliminary Announcement - September 28,29,30

    We're pleased to announce Boston Sword Gathering VIII is on for this Fall, and will feature the following:

    - Now a 3-day event: Friday, 9/28 - Sunday, 9/30!
    - A new spectacular venue: the Danvers Indoor Sports arena, where all events will take place on comfortable indoor turf!
    - A minimum of 3 competitive events:
    - Nylon longsword competition, both Open and Women's divisions!
    - Folkstyle wrestling competition, both Open and Women's divisions, featuring traditional back-hold wrestling rules!
    - Experimental dagger competition, built on our experience from last year!
    - Cutting edge lectures from dedicated HEMA researchers!
    - Classes from national instructors!

    As this event is only months away, further updates will be forthcoming -- stay tuned! (And don't hesitate to send questions to Jeff at

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    Forte Swordplay and Schola Saint George Metro Boston are pleased to be your acting hosts for BSG VIII! Here's our first update -- read about all the latest goodies below (with more to come)!

    • Website: when in doubt, please check the official BSG website for the latest details, including FAQs that we will be updating periodically.
    • Lodging: the event hotel will be the Peabody SpringHill Suites by Marriott, just a short distance from the DIS arena. Go here for details on the hotel, and book by 9/7 to get the discounted event rate!
    • Transportation: the hotel and venue are about 30 mins north of Boston's Logan Airport, so we'll do our best to arrange rides for everyone. If folks are able to drive/rent a car, it wouldn't hurt. And for anyone flying in, we recommend you arrive by early afternoon Thursday to avoid the usual end-of-day exodus that is Boston rush-hour traffic.
    • Vendors: we are pleased to be sponsored by a number of HEMA vendors this year, including Tintagelsgate/Silvermane, WinterTree Crafts, Albion Arms, Purpleheart Armories and Absolute Force, who collectively will be providing prizes for the top 3 winners of each event! In addition, Absolute Force is planning on showcasing the latest version of the HEMA sparring glove they have been developing for our community! Stay tuned for additions to the vendor roster.
    • Meals: we will be making every effort to ensure that attendees have every opportunity to eat healthy and well over the course of the weekend:
      • Affordable catered lunches will be available every day
      • Food alternatives are available within easy driving distance of the venue

    • Schedule: while there will likely be ongoing tweaking, the 1000-ft view of the weekend goes something like this:
      • Friday: Tournament qualifiers
      • Saturday: Tournament eliminations, Finals, and Celebratory Feast
      • Sunday: Morning Lectures and Afternoon Clinics
      • With the greatly expanded venue space, free fencing will be available at all times!

    • Specific events:
      • Cutting challenge: for folks who missed the first HEMA cutting competition earlier this year at Longpoint (or those who want more!), we're pleased to continue the trend! Rules on all events are currently being drafted, and will be made public in future updates.
      • Lectures: for the latest and greatest research on HEMA topics and culture, we're pleased to present (with details and potential additions to come):
        • Updating I.33: Bound and Rebound by Dr. Jeffrey Forgeng, Paul S. Morgan Curator of the Higgins Armory Museum in Worcester, MA
        • Warfare, Fencing, and the Urban Craft Guild by Jean-Henri Chandler of System D'armes (SDA NOLA) in New Orleans, LA
        • A Big-Picture View of the Fechtbuch Tradition by Michael Chidester lead designer of the Wiktenauer online Wiki.

      • Clinics: this will be an instructional series featuring the following instructors -- more details on the format to come!
        • Scott Brown, Schwert am Schwert, FL
        • Jean-Henri Chandler, System D'armes, LA
        • Michael Edelson, New York Historical Fencing Association, NY
        • Jake Norwood, Maryland Kunst des Fechtens, MD
        • Christian Trosclair, System D'armes, LA
        • Jay Vail, Meyer Freifechter Guild, FL

    • Equipment: a few general notes about equipment recommendations:
      • Shoes: since most of the events will take place on soft indoor turf, we recommend folks make sure they have appropriate footwear. Some people seem to prefer sneakers with good traction on this turf and others like less traction, so make your own choice.
      • Mouth guards: for folks planning on wrestling, please make sure to bring your own mouth guards (these will not be provided).
      • Hand protection: this is the first year that we'll be making use of Purpleheart Type III nylon longswords for the tournament. For anyone who has not competed with these before, please make sure to bring sufficient hand protection (e.g. LAX gloves with overlapping finger protection). For questions/concerns, please contact me.

    • Registration: this will open shortly, please stay tuned. To accommodate the needs of the new venue and full 3-day weekend of offerings, the registration fee for this year will be $125 if you register by 9/3, $140 afterward.

    T-2 months to go!

    BSG VIII co-host
    Athena School of Arms - Longsword & Highland Broadsword
    Fight with All Your Strength
    Swords of Chivalry - Youth Swordsmanship in Acton, MA


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