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Thread: Please help identify - E&F Horster Solingen bayonet

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    Please help identify - E&F Horster Solingen bayonet

    Stamp reads 91.R.11.238. Scabbard in leather, handle is wood.
    The story is this was found under a house in Texas in the 1940's

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    Hi Jason

    Welcome To Sword Forum International

    Please post pictures of the entire piece. This will help aid ID. The system will automatically resize even very large pictures when you upload them, so an overall picture will help greatly.

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    More photo's would help but it's a Mauser 1898 and should have a pipe back spear pointed blade.

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    More pics

    Here are overall pics. The sharpening was done by a child who thought it would be cool to have a sharp sword (me, 25 yrs ago).

    Thanks for the help.
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