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Thread: Need help with 2 knife IDs

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    Need help with 2 knife IDs

    All I know is that the knife is Spanish and is made by andujar, I've included pictures. The other seems to be a pen knife, also Spanish, says muela on one side, fury on the other.
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    I believe they're traditional Spanish folding knives, Navajas.
    David Gray

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    Quote Originally Posted by David gray View Post
    I believe they're traditional Spanish folding knives, Navajas.
    Are they valuable, are they rare? How old are they? Can you explain more?

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    Hi Scott,

    As David said, these look to be Spanish tradtional folding knives: Navaja.
    They look new to me. You could add some clearer daylight pics, or google the makers names off of the blades with Navaja and you should be able to track them down.


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    Name:  knife 051.jpg
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Size:  47.3 KBI have an original dug blade of a clip point navaja Spanish Colonial in the America's knife. Mine measures 5 1/2 inches. They came in different sizes. Bowie's shape were derived from the Spanish navaja. Mine was dug in Ohio while hunting. I don't think many were marked and looks like yours is more modern. Better pictures would help. Hope this helps? No expert though. Bill
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    Im not sure how to add more pictures, but I have two of the white one, one just says andujar and Spain, the other says the same, but also has the number 440 on it, does that mean anything?

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    You can add five more per post with the forum system. You can also build an album here off the Community tab

    You could also host the pictures elsewhere and use the img tags to share them

    The Fury line from Muela are easily searchable via an internet search. 440 is a type of steel.Value is minimal and again, not something we evaluate here.


    Hotspur; search Bernard Levine's boards and there is a lot to read.

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